I Have a Fever. Flipgrid Fever!

My mom loves to tell this story from when I was a little girl. I was sleeping over at my Grandparent’s house. I woke up in the middle of the night. Walked down the steep farmhouse stairs and started running around the kitchen island repeating, “I have a fever. I have a fever. I have a fever.” Until everyone in the house was awake and knew I had a fever.

My name is Aubrey DiOrio and I have Flipgrid Fever. This is one fever I hope is contagious.

I use Flipgrid to hear every voice in my class. Realistically, it isn’t possible for me to hear every child’s response to every question I ask. With Flipgrid it is. I use Flipgrid when I want to hear from every student and I want them to hear from every single one of their friends. Fliprid is a student voice machine.

One reason I love Flipgrid is that it has a flow that makes sense. Whether you access through the web or the app, it automatically prompts you to put in a grid code. Once you have accessed the grid there is a HUGE GREEN PLUS SIGN. From there it leads you through a selfie video response and the posting process. There are few options making it intuitive for all students. Once students understand this flow, they need very little support.

Other things I love:

  • I can attach content of my choice to any topic.
  • The directions for the topic show up with the selfie video so you can focus your video as you take it.
  • All the topics I assign to my class are connected to 1 grid and they can get to any of them by backing out of the current one.
  • Emoji reactions. Enough said.
  • Grid/Topic sharing for a global connection
  • Video replies (paid version – makes it SOOOO worth it!)
  • Video length requires students to be concise.
  • Video length is adjustable.
  • The stickers are so fun!

I have used Flipgrid with my class to reflect on a lesson, share their writing, share ideas, as a quick assessment, connect with each other over snow days, discuss books, celebrate holidays, connect on curriculum with other classes across the district and country. My students are learning to communicate clearly through these videos. They are learning to speak so others can hear and understand and truly listen to one another through these videos. Flipgrid takes away any anxiety they may have for speaking in front of the class because they can practice and re-record.


I also use Flipgrid professionally. It has amazing potential to connect PLNs on a more personal level. I participate in a twice-monthly slow flip chat in the #InnovatingPlay and #GAfE4Littles communities. I’m also co-moderating a book study with Caitlin McCommons using Flipgrid as a flexible connection tool. The ability to see faces and hear voices allows you to make connections that feel deeper than a Twitter connection. I feel like I have a professional relationship with people who live far away because of the conversations we have on Flipgrid.

Have you caught the fever? Share your favorite ways to Flipgrid below. If you are ready to catch Flipgrid Fever, I’d love to help you get started!

2 thoughts on “I Have a Fever. Flipgrid Fever!

  1. My favorite way to use flipgrid is our “Just for Fun” grid. My class has a grid that the students can post in just for fun. I have gotten to meet family pets, see LEGO creations, and been taken in bedroom tours.. it has really helped me to get my students as individuals and it has strengthen our class community overall!

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  2. Thanks for the post Aubrey. I have to say that I am infatuated with flipgrid but have been reluctant about using it for so long. I am NOT comfortable on video and have resisted every opportunity I have been presented to respond. However, I know it is not about me. It is about the students. I forced myself to give it a try and now I can’t stop finding practical and creative uses for it. Here is my favorite use.

    Through Twitter, we found a school in Sydney, Australia that had kindergarten classes that wanted to connect globally. I think they wanted to just see photos and find out where people were but we took it so much further than that. Right now we have a whole community and map unit happening between our schools and with the 15 hour time difference, flipgrid is how we first got the teachers united. Each teacher shared who they were and what they liked about where they lived and responded accordingly. We weren’t just tweeting by then. We were getting to know eachother; how we speak, what we sound like, our personalities, etc. The kids will also do the same. Each participating kinder class from Sydney has a buddy class from Raleigh and the intent with flipgrid is for the kids to introduce themselves, ask and answer questions and form genuine friendships. I can’t think of a better way for the kids to get to know each other with a 15 hour time barrier than to speak to each other through flipgrid. The relationship is so much bigger than just this, but this is a snapshot of how flipgrid has been a major player some pretty spectacular stuff happening in our school district!

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