#eduawesome #IMMOOC blog posts

  1. Michelle Schade – I started reading her blog because she commented on my first #IMMOOC blog post. I feel like we have so much in common even though we are in totally different positions. I can’t pick just one post. I connected to everything she wrote during this process. I’m so excited to see what she does next! I’ll continue to read your blog as long as you continue to write! @MichelleSchad20
  2. It Starts with a Screw – Kristin wrote about setting up a workbench in her kindergarten classroom and referenced my all time favorite children’s book What do you do with an Idea?. I’m so inspired by her risk taking and connections her environment makes to the real world. What an amazing opportunity these kindergarteners have to work and build on a real workbench with real tools. I can’t wait to see what they do next! Please continue to share your journey! @KLHouston3
  3. I think Katie Martin’s homework blog post won #IMMOOC this season. Everyone connected with it. Everyone shared it – even people not in #IMMOOC we’re sharing that post. It almost broke the internet! But seriously, why are we still giving homework?!?! @KatieMartinEDU

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