I used to think… but now I know… #IMMOOC

I’m a huge fan of routines. My favorite type of routine is one that can be used in any situation or subject. I think it’s really important for young children to learn to generalize what they are learning and doing at school into other areas of their lives. Some of my favorite routines came from the book Making Thinking Visible. All that to say the title of this post comes from a routine I picked up in that book!

I used to think…

Students needed homework to be successful at school.

But now I know…

There is no research proving a positive relationship between student achievement and homework for young children.

What’s the change?

I stopped giving homework. I now ask children to read daily because reading is power. But other than that, I want families to enjoy life together.

I used to think…

Young children need to be kept busy and worksheets we’re a great way for them to show their learning.

But now I know…

Young children are amazing! They are capable of more than we give them credit for. They are motivated learners and their curiosity drives them. Worksheets don’t build dendrites.

What’s the change?

I look for innovative ideas and practices I can use with them. I use the power of PBL and genius hour to allow children time to explore their curiosities. I don’t give worksheets.

I used to think…

Race had nothing to do with it. I thought being colorblind was a good thing.

But now I know…

Race has everything to do with everything. I take the time to notice differences around me. I understand there is a need for systemic change especially in education to make school equitable and accessible to every student.

What’s the change?

Every student in my room had the opportunity for challenge work. I understand that each of my students needs different access points to be successful in those challenges. I model, teach, and celebrate empathy. I want my students to how into good humans.

Please share your thought changes or favorite routines!

2 thoughts on “I used to think… but now I know… #IMMOOC

  1. I used to think
    Students should work quietly because that is how they learned best.
    Know I know
    That collaboration is the way to students can learn from each other and deepen their understanding of their learning.
    What’s the Change
    I worked with a group of teachers from all over the US (via Google Hangout) and discussed strategies that worked in classrooms to engage and empower students.

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